The progress on Salet

It’s been almost a year since I started working on Salet, and I think it’s time to tell about my progress. The current version number is 1.6.14 1.6.15. It’s a forty-third release, a result of one hundred and fifty-six git commits. »

A planetary magic system

Credit to this post (in Russian) by Roger for bringing that up. Let’s construct a planetary magic. Everything on this planet is connected, and “butterfly effect” is a Universe Law. For example, at 9:02 AM someone kisses a blonde under the Triumphal Arch, and at the same time some other person boards a steamboat on Rhine river and releases a white pigeon. After about five minutes a third person, in Shanghai, should topple a rice bowl to the ground. That’s it, the spell is ready, now the mage activates it. He throws a rose into a fire, and by some mystic causality an unbreakable shield forms around him. »

Analytics in web games and how to cook them

What feedback options do you have when writing in Inform, or Undum, or Twine, or any other popular IF engine? You have betatesting, some player reviews on IFDB and some critique articles on IF Planet blogs. If you’re lucky, there can be Twitch streams and Youtube too. Web games can have more than that. »